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Designed to organize your annotations

Take annotative notes.

Keep a catalog of all the books you have read.

Archive your book reviews and notes for future use.

Introducing Bookscribbles

Do you ever write notes on the margins of the books you read? How about highlighting passages in a book you think are important? Maybe you even underline works you had to look up in the dictionary? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Bookscribbles might interest you.

Quickly add books

Keeping track of your book collection is easy. Start typing the name of your book and allow auto-completion to provide the rest. Auto populate the title, author and description from Amazon. Then click "Add to Library" to start adding your notes.

Review your reading list.

Review and edit book annotations

Easily access your annotations or bookscribbles to individual profile pages devoted to your book. Edit your notes with auto-saving. Get book description details and author information from Amazon. All book information is auto-populated for your convenience.